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Repair and Maintenance


We have a call out and repair service. If you have a garage door problem, please call and we can book a time for you. We can generally be there within 48 hours. If you have an urgent repair, such as a jammed door or driven through door, we can respond quicker.  Just let us know what your problem is.  We can replace older types of garage door hardware with modern hardware and add the benefit of an auto remote opener. This includes older styled counterweight doors – we can alter these with late model tilting hardware.  We can arrange repairs to your garage - these can include changing from single to double openings, flashings and general repairs. 



Maintenance Program

Regular Maintenance of a garage door and hardware will prolong the life of your garage door system. Each door’s hardware needs regular servicing. Following are the common things that need doing


Cedar Doors

We recommend that each year you reseal your door with another coat of the product that you coated your door with. If you have your door coated in a different product and you are to looking at changing, we recommend you check that the two products don’t react. Please consult a coatings or paint specialist before doing so. 

Powder Coated or Colour Steel Doors

Washing of your colour steel or powder coated door at regular intervals will remove a build up of contaminates from the atmosphere.  Be careful not to scratch the surface with any abrasive surfaces.              

Tilting Hardware

Oiling & greasing of each power arms bush and wheel bearings on tilt doors.


Sectional Hardware 

Oiling wheel bearings and hinges.
WARNING: Don’t over -oil or spray, especially on timber doors; you may damage the doors surface.


Clean the dust from the power bar, the pipe that runs from the opener back to the garage door beam. This stops dust building up and clogging the sliding parts.


Also check the auto opener operation for wear and tear. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your door or hardware.  DO NOT grease the chain, these are supposed to be dry.

Spare parts


Below is a list of the wide range of spare parts we stock. PLEASE NOTE: Bring in a sample or measure the item as there are various sizes available in each part.


  • Springs - are the most common item to break with older tilt doors. It is sometimes better to replace both springs so you have an even pull on both sides of the door


  • Power Arms for Tilt doors - these are the big arms on the sides of tilt doors that act like a hinge. These take a load of weight combined with the springs


  • Flashings and Weather Strips - these are at the sides of each tilt door; the upper part is attached to the door and the lower part is attached to the opening

  • Tracks - these are all available in different lengths to suit various door sizes


  • Locks and Latches – various styles available


  • Wheels - there are several sizes of wheels


  • Lock Wires and Crimps - these are the latch & release wires on the inside of a tilt door. They are now plastic coated wire and there are crimps that squeeze and hold them

We are proud to be distributors for Merlin Remote Auto Garage Door openers. We stock some parts for these and can recommend a repairer for these units. Some units have lasted that long, that unfortunately when they do fail there are no longer spare parts available. We then recommend that you replace with a new and dependable Merlin, there are several styles available.